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Energy released in form of nuclear radiations in addition to heat and light during nuclear reactions, is known as
What is correct about the following program #include class Addition { int x; public: Addition() { x = 0; } Addition(int xx) { x = xx; } Addition operator + (int xx = 0) {
Heat from sun comes in form of radiations. These radiations are known as
What will be the output of the following program #include struct MyData { public int Addition(int a, int b = 10) { return (a *= b + 2); } float Addition(int a, float b); }; int main
It kinetic energy of the emitted electted electrons is zero for the incident light of wavelength 686 nm. Then wavelength of radiations emitting electrons having energy 1.81 eV will be (Given : work fu
In a nuclear explosion, the energy is released primarily in the form of __________ energy-
Transitions from the state n = 4 to n = 3 in a hydrogen like atom results in ultraviolet radiations. Infrared radiations will be obtained in the transition
If the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiations is doubled, frequency of the electromagnetic radiations will be
In chemical reactions, energy is absorbed or released in form of
A 60 W light bulb converts electrical energy into light and heat energy in each second of

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