Energy released by fission is generally used to

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Energy released by fission is generally used to
Fission of one U-235 nucleus releases 3.2X10-11 J of energy. How much energy is released by 1 mole of Uranaium-235
Nuclear reator in which uranium-235 is used as fuel, uses 2 kg of uranium-235 in 30 days. Then power output of the reactor will be (given : Energy released per fission = 185 MeV)
Uranium-235 is used as nuclear fuel in a nuclear reactor having power level 1 MW. Amount of fuel needed in one year will be (Given : energy released per fission = 200 MeV)
Energy released by process of fission or fusion is known as
When fission takes place, energy released is in
In each fission event, energy released is about

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