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Material that is unable to filter through glomerulus capillaries is blood cells and
Capillaries of glomerulus arise from
Capillaries of glomerulus join to form
Blood circulatory system in which blood will never leave veins, arteries and capillaries is called
Consider the following statements regarding blood pressure:1. It is the pressure exerted by the blood on the walls of any vessel.2. It decreases in the arteries as the distance from the heart increase
A certain road accident patient with unknown blood group needs immediate blood transfusion. His one doctor friend at once offers his blood. What was the blood group of the donor
The op-amp circuit shown in the figure is a filter. The type of filter and its cut off type of filter and its cut off frequency are respectively
Salts, water, urea of blood and glucose which is passed out of glomerular capillaries into Bowman's capsule is classified as
A band-pass filter can be created by cascading a high-pass filter and a low-pass filter

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