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Electron gun consists of an electron source which is an electrically heated cathode that ejects
Which of following fields are within an IEEE Ethernet frame header ?
1. Source and destination MAC address
2. Source and destination network address
3. Source and destination MAC address an
A source alphabet consists of N symbols with the probability of the first two symbols being the same. A source encoder increases the probability of the first symbol by a small amount ε and decreases
"Any number of current sources in parallel may be replaced by a single current source whose current is the algebraic sum of individual source currents and source resistance is the parallel combination
In a cathode-rays tube, on inner surface of glass opposite cathode, there formed a
If mercury is used at cathode during the electrolysis of aqueous NaCl the ions discharged at the cathode are
Cadmium amalgam is prepared using a mercury cathode. The electricity required to prepare 10% Cd-Hg anakgan on a cathode of 3 g of Hg is

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