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Basic Electronics

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NOT gate performs basic logical function called
If we apply a NOT gate at output of OR gate then result is
By coupling output of OR gate with NOT gate, we get
By coupling a NOT gate with output terminal of AND gate, we get
The 'M' Cooperative housing society has put up a notice at its gate that sales persons are not allowed inside the society Assumptions:  All the sales persons stay away from 'M' Cooperation society Th
Which among following is not a logical gate
A hinged gate of length 5 m, inclined at 30° with the horizontal and with water mass on its left, is shown in the figure below. Density of water is 1000 kg/m3. The minimum mass of the gate in kg per
An n-channel junction field effect transistor has 5mA source to drain current at shorted gate (IDSS) and 5V pinch off voltage (VP). Calculate the drain current in mA for a gate-source voltage (VGS) of