On applying pressure volume of gas

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The volume of a vessal A is twice the volume of another vessel B, and both of them are filled with the same gas. If the gas in A is at twice the temperature and twice the pressure in comparison to the
A gas at pressure P is adiabatically compressed so that its density becomes twice that of initial value. Given that the ratio of specific heats at constant pressure and constant volume is 7/5. What wi
On applying pressure volume of gas
In a throttling process, the pressure of an ideal gas reduces by 50 %. If CP and CV are the heat capacities at constant pressure and constant volume, respectively (r = CP/CV) the specific volume will
A certain sample of gas has a volume of 0.2 litre measured to 1 atm. Pressure and 0°C. At the same pressure but at 273°C, its volume will be

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