Attachment of oxygen to atoms of hydrogen makes the

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Attachment of oxygen to atoms of hydrogen makes the
Two atoms of hydrogen, one atom of sulfur and four atoms of oxygen make up an acid. name of acid is
Hydrogen is lighter than Hydrogen .Hydrogen is lighter than helium.Therefore,Oxygen is the heaviest of the three gases
The hydrogen atoms are excited to the stationary state designated by the principal quantum number, n = 3. The spectral lines emitted by hydrogen atoms, as explained by Bohrs theory will be
A 20491 cm─1 laser line was used to excite oxygen molecules (made of 16O only) to obtain the rotational Raman spectrum. The resulting rotational Raman spectrum of oxygen molecule has the first Stoke
An analysis of augite yields 3 silicon atoms calculated on the basis of 12 oxygen atoms. If only Al replaces Si, calculate the number of tetrahedral-Al in the mineral
Which type of silicates involve sharing of two oxygen atoms between silicon atoms?I. single chain silicate II. ring silicateIII. sheet silicate IV. double chain silicate
Chloroplast splits water molecules to release oxygen and add hydrogen to carbon atoms for formation of
Number of oxygen atoms in glucose molecule is 6 and in hydrogen molecules is
Kind of fatty acids which consists of double-bonded carbon atoms in place of hydrogen atoms is called
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