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An object tied with string and is hung vertically is an example of
A particle of mass 100 g tied to a string is rotated along a circle of radius 0.5 m. The breaking tension of string is 10N. The maximum speed with which particle can be rotated without breaking the st
A stone of mass m tied to a string of length l is rotated in a circle with the other end of the string as the centre. The speed of the stone is v. If the string breaks, the stone will
Which of these is an oncorrect statement? a) String objects are immutable, they cannot be changed. b) String object can point to some other reference of String variable. c) StringBuffer class is used
When a 4 kg mass is hung vertically on a light spring that obeys Hooke s law, the spring stretches by 2 cm. The work required to be done by an external agent in stretching this spring by 5 cm will be

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