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A force of 120 N is applied perpendicularly on a spanner at a distance of 9 cm from a nut. torque produced by force will be
A nut has been tightened by a force of 180 N using 8 cm long spanner. What length of a spanner is required to loosen same nut with 150 N force
If 150N of farce is applied on a spanner of 10 cm to open a nut then length of spanner when force applied on it is 60 N is
Total torque produced in opening a nut from spanner is
A boy tightens nut of a car using a 16 cm long spanner by applying a force of 180 N. torque will be
Two rigid plates are clamped by means of bolt and nut with an initial force F. After tightening, a separating force P (P < F) is applied to the lower plate, which in turn acts on the nut. The tension
If A and B are end points of a spanner and force applied is F, then torque of couple is equal to
When a bolt and nut is made of mild steel, then the effective height of nut is made equal to (where d = Nominal diameter of bolt)
A force of 400 N is applied to the brake drum of 0.5 m diameter in a band-brake system as shown in the figure, where the wrapping angle is 180°. If the coefficient of friction between the drum and th

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