Magnetic poles

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What will be the total weight of 10 poles each of the same weight I. One-fourth of the weight of a pole is 5 kilograms II. The total weight of three poles is 20 kilograms more than the total weight of
A charged particle moves in a magnetic field in a plane perpendicular to the magnetic field. The orbital magnetic moment of circulating charge is direction
Statements I. All watches are clocks II. Some clocks are towers III. All towers are poles Conclusions I. At least Some poles are Clocks II. All towers being watches is a possibility
When poles of Earth replace their poles change is referred to as
A rectangular plot measuring 90 meters by 50 meters is to be enclosed by wire fencing. If the poles of the fence are kept 5 meters apart. How many poles will be needed
Statements: All roads are poles. No pole is a house. Conclusions         I.  Some roads are houses                          II.  Some houses are poles
A rectangular plot measuring 90 metres by 50 metres needs to be enclosed by wire fencing such that poles of the fence will be kept 5 metres apart. How many poles will be needed

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