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A solution of metal ion when treated with KI gives a red precipitate which dissolves in excess KI to give a colourless solution. Moreover, the solution of metal ion on treatment with a solution of cob
A pharmacist mixed some 10%-saline solution with some 15%-saline solution to obtain 100 mL of a 12%-saline solution. How much of the 10%-saline solution did the pharmacist use in the mixture
A beaker contains 50 cc of an aqueous dye solution of concentration c (w/v). 25 cc of this solution is removed and replaced by 25 cc of distilled water. This process is repeated five more times. The f
Integral enthalpy of mixing (in J/mol) of liquid (Cu, Zn) solution can be approximated by ∆Hmixm = -19250 xCu xZnAssuming regular solution behaviour, the solution parameter (in J/mol) is
To a solution equimolar mixture of sodium acetate solution is added. The pH of mixture solution

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