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If lengths of 10 terrapins are 63, 63, 75, 67, 69, 52, 50, 63, 56, 52 then mode is
Consider the following statements about 8085 The instruction LDA uses direct addressing mode.The instruction MVI uses direct addressing mode.The instruction MVI uses immediate addressing mode.The inst
Assertion (A): In TE10 mode the cutoff frequency of rectangular waveguide is where a is the broad dimension and c is velocity of light.Reason (R): TE10 mode is the dominant mode in rectangular wavegui
A rectangular waveguide having TE10 mode as dominant mode is having a cut off frequency of 18 GHz for the TE30 mode. The inner broad wall dimension of the rectangular waveguide is
If the differential voltage gain and the common mode voltage gain of a differential amplifier are 48 dB and 2 dB respectively, then its common mode rejection ratio is
In a rectangular waveguide cutoff wavelength for TE10 mode is 8 cm. Then cutoff wavelength for TE20 mode is
Three capillaries of lengths L, L / 2 and L / 3 are connected in series. Their radii are r, r / 2 and r / 3 respectively. Then if stream line flow is to be maintained and the pressure across the first
Which command cane be used at User mode to enter Privileged EXEC mode
In 8255, ______number of modes of I/O mode of operation we have, which of the following features comes under which mode(i) A 5 bit control port is available.(ii) 3 I/O lines are available at Port C

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