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If volume of cube is 4913cm³ then length of side of cube is
What is the volume of a cube I.  The area of each face of the cube is 64 square metres  II.  The length of one side of the cube is 8 metres
A cube with all the sides painted was divided into small cubes of equal measurement. The side of a small cube is exactly one fourth as that of the big cube. Therefore, the number of small cubes with o
If length of one side of cube is 20cm then volume of cube must be
What part of the volume of a cube is the pyramid whose base is the base of then cube and whose vertex is the center of the cube
A simple cubic lattice consists if eight identical spheres of Radius R in contact, placed at the corners of the cube, what fraction of the total volume of cube is actually occupied by the cube
The side of a cube is represented by 2x - 1.  Find, in terms of x, the volume of the cube

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