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Fluffy and white clouds that are piled up from flat base are classified as
Mahesh's flat is on which floor of the five-floor apartment?I. His flat is exactly above Ganesh's flat whose flat is exactly above Nitin's first-floor flat.II. Jeevan's flat, which is adjacent to Mahe
Three boxes contain respectively 3 white and 1 black, 2 white and 2 black, 1 white and 3 black balls, from each of the boxes one ball is drawn at random. The probability that 2 white and 1 black ball
What will be the output of the program class Base { Base() { System.out.print("Base"); } } public class Alpha extends Base { public static void main(String[] args) { new Alpha(); /* Line 12
Statements:All red are white.Some black are red.No white is blue.Conclusions:I. Some white are black.II. Some black are blue.III. No red is blue.IV. No white is black
Statements: All green are blue. All blue are white Conclusions: Some blue are green. Some white are green. Some green are not white. All white are blue
X paid to Y 1Lakh for purchase of a flat. Y promises to give possession of flat after one year.Y’s promise to givepossession of flat is consideration
The layers of vegetable wastes and night soil alternatively piled above the ground to form a mound, is called

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