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Frequency is measured by unit which is called
The signal m(t) as shown is applied both to a phase modulator (with kp as the phase constant) and a frequency modulator (with kf as the frequency constant) having the same carrier frequency. The rati
For a FM wave the carrier is 160 MHz, modulating frequency is 15 kHz and frequency deviation of 1 MHz if modulating frequency is doubled, the band width will be
A sinusoidal carrier wave of frequency of 15 MHz is modulated by audio signal of frequency of 5 KHz, then upper frequency component of the resultant modulated wave is
For drawing a frequency polygon of a continuous frequency distribution, we plot the points whose ordinates are the frequency of the respective classes and abscissa re respectively
A tunning fork C is sound with another fork D of frequency 384 Hz gives 4 beats/sec. When C is filed, the beat frequency become 3 beates/sec, then original frequency of tunning fork K is

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