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A very large unit of electric energy is needed which is called
The energy required per unit mass to grind limestone particles of very large size to 100 μm is 12.7 kWh/ton. An estimate (using Bond's law) of the energy to grind the particles from a very large size
Helpers are needed to prepare for the fete. Each helper can make either 2 large cakes or 35 small cakes per hour. The kitchen is available for 3 hours and 20 large cakes and 700 small cakes are needed
STATEMENT A: The energy stored in any electric field E has Energy/Volume equals to (1/2)e0E2. STATEMENT B:An charged capacitor stores an amount electric energy given by (1/2)CV2. Which of the followin
Lakshman is very devout and God-fearing. His brother is a staunch atheist.(A) While Lakshman is very devout and God-fearing .....(B) Lakshman is very devout and God-fearing whereas .....(C) Since Laks
The dog is a very faithful animal. The dog is the most loving pet.(A) Besides being a very faithful animal, the dog is.....(B) Since the dog is a very faithful animal.....(C) The dog is a very faithfu
Match the following: List I List II A.Mu Metal1.very high magnetic permeabilityB.Samrium/cobalt2.very high magnetic remanenceC.Sapphire3.very high thermal conductivityD.Ferrites4.very stable magnetic
All electric objects we see around us like electric bell, electric motor, telephone and loudspeaker use electricity to make

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