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Substances that acts as biocatalysts are considered as
Consider the cascade structure of two filters. Consider the following statements. If f1 < f2 then it acts like band-pass filterIf f1 < f2 then it acts like band-pass only if HPF follows LPF in other c
When equal volumes of two substances are mixed, the specific gravity of mixture is 4. When equal weights of the same substances are mixed, the specific gravity of the mixture is 3. The specific gravit
The conversion complex food substances into simple food substances is called
Pure substances that cannot be broken down into simpler substances are known as
Light is absorbed by some substances, these substances are known as
Which of the two substances has been added to World Anti Doping Agency's banned substances list
Assertion (A): In liquids and glassy substances, dielectric losses occur. Reason (R): The orientation polarization in many substances is frequency dependent

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