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Iron sulfide cannot be separated by magnet because iron and sulphur are now
In process of forming iron sulfide by iron and sulphur, reactant is
Iron sulfide is formed when iron and sulphur are together
When a sulphur sol is evaporated sulphur is obtained. On mixing with water sulphur solis not formed. The sol is
Iron fillings can be separated from iron and sulphur mixture by
Renu Bala deposits Rs 1200 now, Rs 800 two years from now and Rs 1000 five years from now. If the savings bank's rate of interest in 5%, she will receive an amount of Rs X 10 years from now, where X i
Particles of iron sulfide are
Mixture of iron and sulphur is separated by
Which of the following statements is correct? A. Base class pointer cannot point to derived class. B. Derived class pointer cannot point to base class. C. Pointer to derived class cannot be created. D
For a voltage transfer function H(s), realizable by RLC network, the following statements are made H(s) cannot have a pole at s = 0H(s) cannot have a pole at s = ± j4H(s) cannot have a pole at s =

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