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Sewage water is dropped in ocean after treating in
Step of sewage water treatment in which effluent from sewage plant is treated with chlorine is called
A dust packet is dropped from 9th storey of a multi-storeyed building. In the first second of its free fall another dust packet is dropped from 7th storey 15m below the 9th storey. If both packets rea
12 boys decided to constribute Rs. 750 each to an Orphange. Suddenly few of them boys dropped out and consequently the rest had to pay Rs. 150 more. Then the number of boys who dropped out
Movement of ocean water horizontally due to wind on surface of ocean is called
A class consists of both boys and girls along with a teacher. After a class, the teacher drinks 9 litres of water, a boy drinks 7 litres of water and a girl drinks 4 litres of water. If after a class
In transmission electron microscopy, electron opacity is greatly enhanced by treating the specimen with
Antacids that are used for treating indigestion contain
Radioisotope for treating cancer tumors and cells is
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