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Resistor that contains a long coil of 'nichrome' is known as
The parallel combination of a 6.8 k resistor and a 10 k resistor is in series with the parallel combination of a 2.2 k resistor and a 1 k resistor. A 100 V source is connected across the circuit. The
In an iron cored coil the iron core is removed so that the coil becomes an air cored coil. The inductance of the coil will
A parallel resonant band-pass filter consists of a 90 resistor in series with a parallel network made up of a 60 mH coil and a 0.02 F capacitor. The output is taken across the capacitor/coil. The coil
A series resonant band-stop filter consists of a 68 resistor, a 110 mH coil, and a 0.02 F capacitor. The internal resistance, RW, of the coil is 4 . Input voltage is 200 mV. Output voltage is taken ac
A series resonant band-pass filter consists of a 2 mH coil, a 0.005 F capacitor, and a 120 resistor. The winding resistance of the coil is 12 . The output voltage is taken off the resistor. Input volt
Which of the following statement is correct about the program given below #include long FactFinder(long = 5); int main() { for(int i = 0; i<= 0; i++) cout<< FactFinder() << endl; ret
A certain series circuit consists of a 1/8 W resistor, a 1/4 W resistor, and a 1/2 W resistor. The total resistance is 1200 . If each resistor is operating in the circuit at its maximum power dissipat
Two resistors are in series: a 5.6 k resistor and a 4.7 k resistor. The voltage drop across the 5.6 k resistor is 10 V. The voltage across the 4.7 k resistor is
A 12 k resistor, a 15 k resistor, and a 22 k resistor are in series with two 10 k resistors that are in parallel. The source voltage is 75 V. Current through the 15 k resistor is approximately

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