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Fact 1: Robert has four vehicles.Fact 2: Two of the vehicles are red.Fact 3: One of the vehicles is a minivan.If the first three statements are facts, which of the following statements must also be a
Cell nucleus was discovered by Robert Brown in
40% of Ram's marks is equal to 20% of Rahim's marks which percent is equal to 30% of Robert's marks. If Robert's marks is 80, then find the average marks of Ram and Rahim
How many pages of the book X did Robert read on Sunday ?   I. The book has 300 pages out of which two-third were read by him before Sunday.  II.Robert read the last 40 pages of the book on the morni
In a certain language, if Violet is called as Green, Green is called as Red, Red is called as Brown, Brown is called as Orange, Orange is called as Yellow, Yellow is called as Blue and Blue is called

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