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Conversion of atomic hydrogen into molecular hydrogen is
The Hα spectral line in Lyman series of hydrogen atomic spectrum is formed due to an electronic transition in hydrogen atom. The energies associated with the electron in each of the orbits involved
The atomic weight of helium is 4 times that of hydrogen. Its diffusion rate as compared to hydrogen will be __________ times
A rubber balloon permeable to all isotopic forms of hydrogen is filled with heavy hydrogen and placed in tank of pure hydrogen. After some times, the balloon will
Hydrogen is lighter than Hydrogen .Hydrogen is lighter than helium.Therefore,Oxygen is the heaviest of the three gases
Atomic number of sodium is 11 and its atomic mass is 23 and number of protons and neutrons in an atom of sodium is
Atomic number of an atom is Z and its atomic weight is M. Then number of neutrons in the nucleus will be
Modern periodic table is based on atomic number of the elements. The significance of atomic number was proved by the experiment of ________
If an atom's atomic number is given by Z, its atomic mass by A, and its neutron number by N, which of the following is correct

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