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Which of the following are the requirements for the design of a transition curve for a highway system ?1. Rate of change of grade2. Rate of change of radial acceleration3. Rate of change of super elev
Assertion (A): In liquid system the ratio of change in liquid level to change in flow rate is called resistance of liquid flow.Reason (R): In liquid level systems the ratio of change in liquid stored
Umf is the minimum fluidisation velocity for a bed of particles. An increase in the superficial gas velocity from 2 Umf to 2.5 Umf results in (all velocities are smaller than the entrainment velocity
There are two statements. A :Rate of change of momentum corresponds to force B: Rate of change of momentum corresponds to Kinetic Energy Which one of the following is correct
The ratio of the rate of change of discharge of an outlet to the rate of change in level of water surface in a distributary at its normal depth, is known as
Assertion (A): A sine wave with slew rate distortion looks rectangularReason (R): The maximum rate of output voltage change is called slew rate

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