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Production of different products by using mass culture of microorganisms is classified as
During the growth of animal cells in culture, it is noticed that the cells do not look very healthy. After an investigation, this is found that there is a lot of lactic acid in the culture fluid. What
A culture in a closed vessel to which no additional medium is added and from which no waste products are removed is called a __________ culture
Which pattern of mixing is preferred in stirred tank reactors during the culture of aerobic microorganisms
Study the following graph carefully to answer these questions:The production of fertilizer in lakh tons by different companies for these years 1996, 1997 & 1998.The total production by five companies
Study the following graph carefully to answer the questions given below it:Production of paper (in lakh tonnes) by 3 different companies A, B & C over the years.What is the difference between the prod

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