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Enlarged portion of underground stem
Enlarged portions of an underground stem are called
Enlarged part of rhizome (underground stem) is called
If the first half of the English alphabet is reversed and then next portion of English alphabet is reversed so as 'A' takes the portion of 'M' and 'N' takes the portion of 'z' then which letter will b
A horizontal underground stem is a
The stem of a cantilever retaining wall which retains earth level with top is 6 m. If the angle of repose and weight of the soil per cubic metre are 30° and 2000 kg respectively, the effective width
The inner, darker and harder portion of secondary xylem that can not conduct water, in an older dicot stem, is called
In the given figure all line segments of the shaded portion are of the same length and at right angles to each other. The same can be cut out from a board of side 10 cm. What is the area of the Shaded

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