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Region in which chromosomes floats in cytoplasm is called
Of the two diploid species, species I has 36 chromosomes and species II has 28 chromosomes. How many chromosomes would be found in an allotriploid individual
Tiny granular structures that floats freely in cytoplasm or bounded to endoplasmic reticulum is classified as
Two solids A and B float in water. It is observed that A floats with half of its volume immersed and B floats with 2 / 3 of its volume immersed. The ratio of densities of A and B is
A form of energy which flows from hotter region towards cooler region n reach on same temperature is called
Pores in cell walls of xylem cells to which cytoplasm is connected are called
Which of these methods is used to compare a specific region inside a string with another specific region in another string? a) regionMatch() b) match() c) RegionMatches() d) regionMatches()

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