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Region in which chromosomes floats in cytoplasm is called
Of the two diploid species, species I has 36 chromosomes and species II has 28 chromosomes. How many chromosomes would be found in an allotriploid individual
Tiny granular structures that floats freely in cytoplasm or bounded to endoplasmic reticulum is classified as
In p-n-p transistor the current IE has two components viz. IEP due to injection of holes from p-region to n-region and IE due to injection of electrons from n-region to p-region. Then
Two solids A and B float in water. It is observed that A floats with half of its volume immersed and B floats with 2 / 3 of its volume immersed. The ratio of densities of A and B is
Due to nondisjunction of chromosomes during spermatogenesis, sperms carry both sex chromosomes (22A XY) and some sperms do not carry any sex chromosome (22A O).If these sperms fertilize normal eggs (2
From the following, identify the two correct statements with reference to meiosisI. Bead like structure are absent on chromosomes.II. Displacement of chiasmata occurs in diakinesis.III. Separation of
Pores in cell walls of xylem cells to which cytoplasm is connected are called
A hybrid where the cytoplasm of two parent cells are fused by retaining only one parental nucleus is called
In a certain code, language Bread is called Butter, Butter is called Milk, Milk is called Shirt, Shirt is called Shoe, Shoe is called Bicycle, Bicycle is called Watch, Watch is called Aeroplane and Ae

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