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An electron microscope gives better resolution than optical microscope because
In which of the following cell types more cellular detail can be observed using an electron microscope compared to a light microscope
Resolution of electron microscope is
If q is charge on an electron, R is radius of electron orbit and ω is angular velocity of electron rotation, the magnetic dipole moment of electron in orbit is
Rest mass energy of an electron is 0.54 MeV. If velocity of the electron is 0.8 C, then K.E. of the electron is
An n type semiconductor is illuminated by a steady flux of photons with energy greater than the band gap energy. The change in conductivity Δσ obeys which relation? [ Here, e is the electron charge,
The current density J, free electron mobility μn, hole mobility μp , magnitude of free electron and hole concentration ni electric field E and charge on electron e, in intrinsic semiconductor are re
Assertion (A): The resolution of a DAC depends on the number of bits Reason (R): Low resolution leads to fine control

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