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Pneumonia and soar throat are treated by
One day you wake with a sore throat and a runny nose. Your doctor takes a swab from your throat, sends it to a lab, and telephones you the next day to say that antibiotic will not help you get better.
If D is the depth of water upstream of the throat above its sill, B is the width of the throat, to achieve critical flow in an open venturi flume, the theoretical maximum flow Q, is
Pillsbury's SOAR system was designed specifically for
In Pillsbury's SOAR system, data was entered by
If butan-1-ol is treated with concentrated phosphoric acid and the product is treated with HBr, you get___
Which of the following are associated with alum coagulation ?1. A decrease of alkalinity in treated water2. Formation of hydroxide flocs of aluminium 3. A slight decrease of pH in treated water4. An i
According to which international organisation’s report, India is listed among the top five countries across the world where a large number of children dies due to diseases like pneumonia and diarrho
What is the name of the vaccine which is launched for Pneumonia
Bacterium, Streptococcus pneumonia, causes respiratory disorder known as

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