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Soft portion of carcass of a dead lion is feed for
Statements:All carpenters are agile people.Some agile people are quick.No soft is quick.Conclusions:I. Some carpenters are soft.II. Some carpenters are quick.III. Some agile are not soft
Statements:All that is tough is hard.Some that are tough are rough.No thing that is tough is smooth.Some things that are smooth are soft.Conclusions:I. Some that are rough are hard.II. No thing that i
If the first half of the English alphabet is reversed and then next portion of English alphabet is reversed so as 'A' takes the portion of 'M' and 'N' takes the portion of 'z' then which letter will b
If rat is called dog, dog is called mongoose, mangoose is called lion, lion is called snake and snake is called elephant, which is reared as pet
Mary has sold 4 8⁄12 liters of soft drink on Monday, 3 6⁄14 liters of soft drink on Tuesday and 5 4⁄6 liters on Wednesday. number of liters she has sold in total are

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