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In NaCl ionic crystal, each Na ion is surrounded by ……………. Cl– ions and each Cl–ion is surrounded by…………….. Na ions
A crystal of lead (II) sulphide has NaCl structure. In this crystal the shortest distance between a Pb 2 ion and S-2 ion is 297 pm. What is the volume of unit cell in lead sulphide
In NaCl crystal each Na+ ion is surrounded by
In general, a crystal shows cleavage in a pattern which is specific for that type of crystal. This is because the atoms and molecules or ions in a crystal are
A solution of metal ion when treated with KI gives a red precipitate which dissolves in excess KI to give a colourless solution. Moreover, the solution of metal ion on treatment with a solution of cob
The number of moles of NaCl in 3 L of 3 M NaCl solution is
The molecular mass of NaCl was determined to be 31.8 by cryoscopic method. The degree of dissociation of NaCl in solution is approximately

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