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Aqueous humor is present in
Hari Ram’s present age is three times his son’s present age and two fifth of his father’s present age. The average of the present age of all of them is 46 years. What is the difference between H
Most people will find the film silly and childish in its humor; the most ______ viewers will find it downright crass and offensive
Vitreous humor maintain eye
The aqueous solution of which of the following reagent will give prussian blue coloured precipitate with an aqueous solution containing iorn (III) ions
4 L of 0.2 M aqueous solution of KOH is mixed with 2 L of 0.5 M aqueous solution of KOH. The molarity of the resulting solution is
The ratio of elevation in boiling point of aqueous solution of sodium chloride to that of an aqueous solution of glucose of same molalities is approximately

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