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Cross walls of phloem vessels are known as
Which of the following measures are resorted to for strengthening masonry walls ?1. Provide cross walls.2. Pre-stressing.3. Provide gunite slab on the surface(s) of walls.4. Provide buttresses.Select
Statement:After collision of two vessels in the sea all the crewmen and passengers are declared as missing. - A news report.Conclusions:I. No one from the two vessels has survived after the collision.
Statements:Some cats are dogs.All dogs are goats.All goats are walls.Conclusions:I. Some walls are dogs.II. Some walls are cats
'Phloem' vessels contain
Xylem' and 'phloem' vessels are found in
Statements:       No ship is boat.       All boats are vessels.Conclusions:       I. At least some vessels are boats.       II. No ship is a vessel
Milk and water in two vessels A and B are in the ratio 4:3 and 2:3 respectively in what ratio the liquids in both the vessels should be mixed to obtain a new mixture in vessel C containing half milk a
In human kidneys, area of kidneys through which nerves, lymphatic vessels and blood vessels leaves and enters kidneys is called

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