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In Hooke's Law, F = -k x, constant kis called the
In Hooke's law, constant is equal to
The value of Trouton's ratio (λb/Tb) for a number of substances is 21 (where, λb = molal that of vaporisation of a substance at its normal boiling point, KCal/kg. mole and Tb = normal boiling point,
How is M related to N? Statements P, who has only two kids, M and N, is the mother-in-law of Q, who is sister-in-law of N. R, the sister-in-law of M, is the daughter-in-law of S, who has only two
What is Hooke's Law
According to Hooke's law, force is directly proportional to change in
According to Hooke's Law, force is directly proportional to
Expression for Hooke's law is
When a 4 kg mass is hung vertically on a light spring that obeys Hooke s law, the spring stretches by 2 cm. The work required to be done by an external agent in stretching this spring by 5 cm will be
Every material obeys the Hooke's law within its

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