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In SHM of a simple pendulum, component of weight which is directed towards mean position is
The pendulum of lengths 121 cm and 100 cm start vibrating. At some instant, the two are in the mean position in the same phase. After how many vibrations of the shorter pendulum, the two will be in th
Arun’s weight is 140% of Akhil’s weight. Nani’s weight is 90% of Shreyon’s weight. Shreyon’s weight is twice as much as Akhil’s. What percentage of Arun’s weight is Nani’s weight
To and fro oscillatory motion in which acceleration of body is directly proportional to displacement of body from mean position and is always directed towards mean position is known as
Sneha’s weight is 140% of Veena’s weight. Rina’s weight is 90% of Sana’s weight. Sana weighs twice as much as Veena. If Sneha’s weight is x% of Rina’s weight, then x is equal to
The length of a simple pendulum executing simple harmonic motion is increased by 21%. The percentage increase in the time period of the pendulum of increased length is

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