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When waves moving in one medium fall on surface of another medium they bounce back into first medium such that angle of incidence is equal to angle of reflection. This phenomenon is known as
If waves are reflected back in first medium after falling on second medium then angle of reflection and angle of incidence are
If An electromagnetic wave is incident obliquely at the surface of a dielectric medium 2(µ2 , ∈2) from dielectric medium 1(µ1 , ∈1), The angle of incidence & the critical angle are θi and θc r
Phenomenon in which light travelling in one medium falls on surface of another medium and turns back in same medium is called
When light travelling in a certain medium falls on surface of another medium, a part of it turns back in same medium. This phenomenon is called
When sound is incident on surface of a medium it bounces back into first medium. phenomenon is called
They are making such a lot of noise. It is impossible to work.(A) As they are making such a .....(B) Since they are making such a .....(C) If they are making such a
The angle of reflection is equal to the angle of incidence
The incidence from dielectric medium 1 (ε1) into dielectric medium 2 (ε2), Brewster angle θB and the corresponding angle of transmission θt for will be respectively

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