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A substance which is burned to produce heat and light is known as
If candle wax is itself burned then its
Strictly speaking, if any electrical device in your car is turned on (such as an air conditioner, headlights, or even a radio) more gasoline is burned by the engine.  This statement is
Which of the following statements are correct about the below C-program #include int main() { int x = 10, y = 100%90, i; for(i=1; i<10; i++) if(x != y); printf("x = %d y = %d\n", x, y);
Air is to be heated by condensing steam. Two heat exchangers are available (i) a shell and tube heat exchanger and (ii) a finned tube heat exchanger. Tube side heat transfer area are equal in both the
Which substance give heat and light after combustion
Extended heat transfer surface like fins are used to increase the heat transfer rate. Fin efficiency is defined as the ratio of heat transferred across the fin surface to the theoretical heat transfer
To make flexible items a substance is added to PVC. This substance is known as
The half life period of a radioactive substance is best determined by counting the number of alpha particles emitted per second in a Geiger Muller counter from its known quantity. If the half life per

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