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What is colour of methyl orange in lemon juice
Lisa will make punch that is 25% fruit juice by adding pure fruit juice to a 2-liter mixture that is 10% pure fruit juice. How many liters of pure fruit juice does she need to add
If 200 liters of orange juice is to be poured in cylindrical drum with diameter of 80cm then depth of orange juice in drum is
A container contains a mixture having orange juice, pine apple juice and water in the ratio ½ : 1/3: 1/5. What is the approximate percentage of pine apple in the container
There are 45 trees in a row. The lemon tree is 20th from the right end. What is the rank of lemon tree from the left end
In a certain code language “Jo re ka” means “sweet nice sugar”, “la fi de” means “tasty sour lemon”, “fi ka tip” means “sugar and lemon” and “la re” means “nice tasty”.

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