First step of solvay process is

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Stan’s solution to an equation is shown below. Given:     n+8(n+20)=110 Step 1:    n+8n+20=110 Step 2:    9n+20=110 Step 3:    9n=110-20 Step 4:     9n=90 Step 5: =   (9n/9)=(90/9)S
Solvay process as compared to dual process (i.e. modified Solvay process)
Solve: 3(x+5)=2x+35 Step 1: 3x+15 = 2x+35 Step 2: 5x+15 = 35 Step 3: 5x = 20 Step 4: x = 4 Which is the first incorrect step in the solutionshown above
First step of solvay process is
Toni is solving this equation by completing the square.     ax2+bx+c =0 (where a>=0) Step 1:   ax2+bx=-c Step 2: x2+bx/a=-c/a Step 3:?Which should be Step 3 in the solution
Fourth step of solvay process is
Third step of solvay process is
Second step of solvay process is

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