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Joseph has 10 candies. He gave 4 candies to John and John returned 2 candies to Joseph after few days. number of candies Joseph has altogether are
For a wedding, Shereda bought several dozen roses and several dozen carnations. The roses cost 15 per dozen, and the carnations cost 8 per dozen. Shereda bought a total of 17 dozen flowers and paid a
If price of one dozen of candies is $2.5 then cost of each candy is
Ram bought 4 dozen apples at Rs. 12 per dozen and 2 dozen apples at Rs. 16 per dozen. He sold all of them to earn 20%. At what price per dozen did he sell the apples
Raghu bought 4 dozen oranges at Rs 12 per dozen and 2 dozen oranges at Rs 16 per dozen. He sold them all to earn 20% profit. At what price per dozen did he sell the oranges
Sanket purchased 20 dozen notebook at Rs. 48 per dozen. He sold 8 dozen at 10% profit and remaining 12 dozen with 20% profit. What is his profit percentage in the transaction
If John has 'y' dollars and each chocolate candy is of ten cents then number of chocolate candies John can buy is
A fruit vendor purchased 20 dozens of bananas at Rs. 15 per dozen. But one-fourth of the bananas were rotten and had to be thrown away. He sold two-third of the remaining bananas at Rs. 22.50 per doze
A man buys oranges at Rs 5 a dozen and an equal number at Rs 4 a dozen. He sells them at Rs 5.50 a dozen and makes a profit of Rs 50. How many oranges does he buy

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