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A radioactive nuclide is emitting beta-particles at a certain rate. When this radioactive nuclide is heated to a very high temperature, the rate of emission of beta-particles will
Beta particles are stream of high energy
Which of these is a type of stream in Java? a) Integer stream b) Short stream c) Byte stream d) Long stream
The mean lives of a radio-active substance are 1620 and 405 years for alpha and beta emmision respectively. Find the time during which 3/4 of sample will decay if it is decaying both the alpha and bet
There are four energy levels E, 2E, 3E and 4E (where E >0). The canonical partition function of two particles is , if these particles are two distinguishable particles
When alpha and beta particles are slowed down by collisions, they become
A radioactive nuclide emits particles alpha, beta, gamma in successive disintegration. The atomic mass of the end product is less than the atomic mass of the original nuclide by approximately

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