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Fats and oils are esters of fatty acids with a trihydroxy alcohol called
Which of the following converts fats into fatty acids and glycerol
Two fatty acids that are components of fats are
Whcih of the following fatty acids is a saturated fatty acid
In a 40 litre mixture of alcohol & water, the ratio of alcohol and water is 5 : 3. If 20% of this mixture is taken out and the same amount of water is added then what will be the ratio of alcohol and
Reduction of esters with sodium and alcohol is referred to as
Fats and oils are called
1 litre of water is added to 5 litres of alcohol – water solution containing 40 % alcohol strength. The strength of alcohol in the new solution will be
The molecular mass of ethyl alcohol is 46. The molality of a solution of ethyl alcohol in water containing 23.0 g of ethyl alcohol in 500 ml solution is