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First man who came up with idea of gravity was
Among Nitin, Amit, Sudesh, Rekha and Sujata, who came last for the programme?I. Nitin came after Amit but not after Sujata.II. Rekha came after Sujata but not after Sudesh
Among Monika, Anita, Sonal, Ratna and Tanvy, who came last for the programme ? Statements Monika came after Anita but not after Tanvy. Ratna came after Tanvy but not after Sonal
Statements:Earth dams are gravity dams.No gravity dam is an arch dam.Some earth dams are embankments.Some embankments are hollow.Conclusions:I. Some gravity dams are embankments.II. Some embankments a
When equal volumes of two substances are mixed, the specific gravity of mixture is 4. When equal weights of the same substances are mixed, the specific gravity of the mixture is 3. The specific gravit
An alloy is prepared by mixing equal volume of two metals. The specific gravity of alloy is 4. But when equal masses of two same metals are mixed together, the specific gravity of alloy is 3. The spec
A solution of specific gravity 1 consists of 35% A by weight and the remaining B. If the specific gravity of A is 0.7, the specific gravity of Bis
I came up with a great idea  -- I was thinking about my class

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