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Any two angles in same segment of a circle are
There are two circles of different radii. The are of a square is 784 sq cm and its side is twice the radius of the larger circle. The radius of the larger circle is seven - third that of the smaller c
A circle has its centre at O . A tangent drawn from a point P , which is situated outside the circle , touches the circle at A. If PA = 4 cm & PO=5 cm, then the length of the radius of the circle is (
Two projectiles are fired at different angles with the same magnitude of velocity such that they have the same range. At what angles they might have been projected
A circle touches the line L and the circle C1 externally such that both the circles are on the same side of the line, then thelocus of centre of the circle is
The difference between the radi of the smaller circle and the bigger circle is 7cm and the difference between the area of two circles is 1078Sq.cm Radius of the smaller circle is

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