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Lead and Zinc metals occur naturally as
4 kg of a metal contains 1/5 copper and rest in Zinc. Another 5 kg of metal contains 1/6 copper and rest in Zinc.The ratio of Copper and Zinc  into the mixture of these two metals
One gram of silver gets distributed between 10 cm3 of molten zinc and 100 cm3 of molten lead at 800°C. The percentage of silver in the zinc layer is approximately ______
An alloy of zinc and copper contains the metals in the ratio 5 : 3. The quantity of zinc to be added to 16 kg of thealloy so that the ratio of the metal may be 3 : 1 is
A spherical lead ball of radius 10cm is melted and small lead balls of radius 5mm are made. The total number of possible small lead balls is
Statements:All metals are plastics.All plastics are fibresConclusions:I. At least some fibres are metals.II. Some metals are not fibres

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