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From ancient times, people have been trying to understand how earth had fit into
A gardener had a number of shrubs to plant in horizontal rows. At first he tried to plant 5 shrubs in each row, then 6, then 8 and then 12, but had always 1 left. On trying 13, in one row he had none
The first fit, best fit and worst fit are strategies to select a ______
The doctors tried their best. They could not save the patient.(A) Despite trying their best .....(B) Although they tried their best .....(C) In spite of trying their best
Statement:Wars must be discouraged vehemently even though majority of the victims might have been a nuisance to peace loving people.Assumptions:I. Some people create problems to peace loving people.II
HCF of
2^2 \times 3^2 \times 5^2, 2^4 \times 3^4 \times 5^3 \times 11
\end{aligned} is

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