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Soft and porous interior of bone is called
Inner part of bone which is porous and soft in nature is called
Statements:All carpenters are agile people.Some agile people are quick.No soft is quick.Conclusions:I. Some carpenters are soft.II. Some carpenters are quick.III. Some agile are not soft
Statements:All that is tough is hard.Some that are tough are rough.No thing that is tough is smooth.Some things that are smooth are soft.Conclusions:I. Some that are rough are hard.II. No thing that i
Technique used to absorb noise by using soft and porous surfaces is called
Technique or method to absorb undesirable sounds by soft and porous surface is called
Find the regular polygon whose interior angel is 150 more than exterior angle. note the total sum of interior and exterior angle should be 180 at one point

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