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Ten new television shows appeared during the month of September. Five of the shows were sitcoms, three were hour-long dramas, and two were news-magazine shows. By January, only seven of these new show
A continuous spectrum shows color
There is a clock which shows false timing ie it shows 20 minutes less for each 1 hour. If the clock shows 12 noon now how many minutes will be lost when it shows 2 pm
A coin is tossed twice if the coin shows head it is tossed again but if it shows a tail then a die is tossed. If 8 possible outcomes are equally likely. Find the probability that the die shows a numbe
In a box, there are four marbles of white color and five marbles of black color. Two marbles are chosen randomly. What is the probability that both are of the same color
A 20491 cm─1 laser line was used to excite oxygen molecules (made of 16O only) to obtain the rotational Raman spectrum. The resulting rotational Raman spectrum of oxygen molecule has the first Stoke

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