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Characteristic or trait of cell or organism is made by
A cross between individual with unknown genotype for a particular trait with a recessive plant for that trait is called
Statements:All fans are wires.Some wires are made of copper.No copper is made of gold.Conclusions:I. No fan is made of copper.II. Some copper are gold.III. No copper is made of gold.IV. Some fans are
In plant cells, there is a cell wall outside cell membrane. This cell wall is made up of
Which of the following is an example of a single cell that does not function as a full fledged organism (I) White blood cell (WBC) (II) Amoeba (III) WBC and Amoeba (IV) Paramecium
Organism whose cell wall is not made up of cellulose is
Any alteration in structure or function of an organism or its parts which results from natural selection so as organism becomes more comfortable in new environment is called
Organism that eats another organism is known as

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