(alkane) has

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A butane isomerisation process produces 70 kmole/hr of pure isobutane. A purge stream removed continuously, contains 85% n-butane and 15% impurity (mole%). The feed stream is n-butane containing 1% im
n-Butane and iso-butane are .......... isomers
Butane (alkane) has
The maximum solubility of the alkane in the medium is 5 ppm. If the actual dissolved concentration of the alkane in the medium is 1 ppm. what conclusion may be drawn
Match the commercial microbial sources in Group I with the products in Group II.Group I                       Group IIP. Corynebacteriumlilium 1. 2,3-Butane di-olQ. Klebsiellaoxytoca   2.
Propane (C3H8) and butane (C4H10) in liquid form are used in
Number of sec-H atoms in iso-butane is
Which of thefollowing conformations of n-butane is the least stable
2-Chloro-2methyl butane, on reaction with alc. KOH gives X as the major product, X is

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